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Exploring Alaska

Exploring Alaska, albeit a small part of it, gave me ample photo opportunities, so thought I’d share them over here.
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The Sparkling Ragas

Found some videos of the sparkling ragas practice sessions and performances. For those of you who don't know us, Sparkling Ragas was Microsoft India's very own music band, consisting of various people at various times including drummers Anand and Kamalesh, guitarists Jairam, Joesph and Sameer, on keyboard myself (Alvaro) and Deepti, Rohit on vocals and congo, vocalists Shalini, Sumeet, Mrutyunjaya, Elsa, Shweta, and Pavan.
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The Nightwatchman at The Crocodile

Attended an amazing performance by Tom Morello in Seattle on 18th Oct. He really is an awesome guitarist. Towards the end of the show he actually called the audience on stage to sing 'World Wide Rebel Songs' with him.
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James Blunt in Concert

James Blunt performing You're Beautiful at The Moore.
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The Fleet Foxes at The Moore

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Awesome performance by Yanni

Awesome performance by Yanni. It simply couldn't get any better. Below pictures are of the performance of Aria. Unfortunately, the clarity of the pics are poor.
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