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The bassoon king meets my kindle app

Spoiler alert: I may or may not talk about a few things about the book "The Bassoon King: MY life in Art, Faith, and Idiocy"

Posting here after a long time. I've been busy this year and haven't blogged much. Until November that is. That's when I launched http://alvarodias.org/, my personal website where I've started blogging on software and technology.

So there were a few reasons why I chose to read this book

  1. The bassoon smashing incident: There was a lot of hype about Rainn Willson's memoir pertaining to him smashing a bassoon on some late night show.
  2. The oxford comma in the title: So for those of you who don't know what this is, read this
  3. Foreword by Dwight: Need I say more. Again for the few of you who don't know Dwight Schrute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0HT9QpH_sQ

Normally, I prefer reading books, actual books whether paperback or hardcover. This time, I thought, I'd read it using the Kindle app on my phone. It wasn't that bad. The only issue I had was that pages with images didn't show up. So, eventually I switched to reading on the kindle app on my laptop where things worked just fine.

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Now, back to the book. It was a very entertaining read. I was engrossed the entire time. He took you through his childhood and all his travels and how he decided to become an actor. And a pretty event-filled journey it was as described.

In the middle a couple of chapters got a bit boring. Especially some of his lists such as best albums, or things that I know. But maybe that's just me not liking the items in those lists. I'd have probably put others in those lists.

The section in between which had opinions written in Dwight's voice were hilarious. Also, I related to all things related to the Office, how he got the part, the atmosphere working there, etc. probably because I love the show.

A few things I realized about him

  • So, apparently, he cries a lot. Sometimes over major things. Other times over minor roadblocks seemingly.
  • He hates, or is trying desperately hard to portray that he hates Mindy Kaling
  • Loves to make lists
  • Likes phrasing things like "blah blah some fact which you should know bla blah. Idiots."

Anyway. That's all for now. I'd recommend reading this one. Especially if you want to find out about the bassoon. Won't reveal that secret.