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Concerto for Cellphone

Went for a concert by the Seattle Symphony orchestra on Friday titled ‘Bond and Beyond: Celebrating 50 Years of 007’.

It was a wonderful concert, with some unexpected, yet entertaining performances. Starting with the famous James Bond Theme, made famous from Dr. No, the orchestra kept us in awe with performances of the themes from From Russia with Love, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever and The World Is Not Enough. The last two were performed by Broadway Soprano Debbie Gravitte.

Post this there was a very interesting concerto performed by the orchestra. As you know, a concerto is music performed by one solo instrument accompanied by an orchestra. In this case the solo instrument was a cellphone, and the soloist a “cellphonist”. No, I’m not kidding. To quote the conductor ‘Michael Krajewski’, this concerto is a fusion of art and technology that is both unique and meaningless.

Later on, I found, that there were similar performances by other orchestra – like this one

Post the interval, the orchestra went on to impress and entertain the audience with the themes from Austin Powers, Dick Tracy, Inspector Clouseau theme, Pink Panther and as a surprise, the MI theme.

It ended with a brilliant performance of the best of bond.